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[HANRYU T.O.P_ vol.65] Q) What did this drama leave you? . While shooting, there were some scenes where the dialogue with the director didn't go smoothly, and of course there were some scenes went really well. An inner pain, a void and love that Jicheol has and I wondered what those who are peers as Jicheol and have similar problems would have felt about the concentration. Jicheol felt a sense of emptiness at early part of the drama, but then why did he have to make such a choice? I acted thinking deeply about those things. I can’t say I managed to solve every problem though, it is a work that I felt such problems through this work and tried to go toward the right direction. Q) How would you like to make 2019 to be? I‘d like to make this year happy like last year, as a person and as an actor. I used to focus on my work and feel straight, but now I’d like to live with gratitude and happiness for all the situations. Happy Friday all. #janghyuk #장혁

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