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📍DEAR TOUCH YOUR HEART AND ACTORS FANS📍 There is possibility to produce Director's Cut Blue-ray which will contain LOTS OF AWESOME STUFF which will NO ONE will see if this project won't successful. Director's Cut release is EXTREMELY important for drama to be considered successful. It's important for all: producers, director and actors. With TYH it doesn't have as many Korean fans as WWWSK or Goblin to meet the required demand of 1500 copies by themselves. That's why they ask us international fans to join this project. And we should do it URGENTLY. Right now there is still time to request drama production team for what fans want to get (more interviews, or bts or pics) and drama's team can meet fans' request. But if they won't meat required quantity then this project will be cancelled and no one will see awesome chemistry of our couple or witty humor or our Wookie, more scenes of bromance, etc. Not talking that Wookie never had Director's DVD/Blu-ray apart of Goblin (but you know that it wasn't full service for him). And here we can have full service!! Please join this project and support it! Spread this further among TYH and actors fans. Maybe you can share costs with your fellow fan friend and pre-order 1 copy. Don't think that your 1 order won't help. It will help to show interest! If you think that you will join later...there won't be later if this project will be canceled right now because of low demand. If you think that you'll get to see those bts after it will be won't be able since it won't be released with low demand + all stuff released with Director's DVD is prohibited to distribute. If you have any question you can ask us in DM or write directly to Korean team who organize it @tyhbluray . To join survey they have prepared tutorial (and we have added few slides as well) you can swipe further. PLEASE SUPPORT TOUCH YOUR HEART!!! ❤️🙏🏻 ❗️The link on TYH Director's cut cafe is here and in our bio❗️: The tutorial how to join is made for desktop version

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