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‼👉For International fans that want to help. Lee Joon Gi Italian family is happy to promote the initiative: Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo on Netflix. The idea was born to make known and appreciated, yet to those who do not know it, especially in Italy, but not only, the versatile and exceptional cleverness of Lee Joon Gi, but also to highlight in streaming, one of the most passionate and loved dramas ever. The time is short, but it would be great if we could have Moon Lovers on Netflix close to his birthday on April 17th. Let's try all together, we literally bomb Netflix of requests! To join the initiative just click on this link: Request and specify (I recommend !!!), since there is also the Chinese version, Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo korean drama 2016. Come on let's all run to fill out the request on Netflix! Let's see our beloved Lee Joon Gi how much Italy and his fans love and support him, joined numerous, especially all of you who have appreciated this wonderful drama. Let's try all together: we need to solicit Netflix with our requests! Netflix gives the possibility to insert 3 requests, then over Moon Lovers our choices have fallen back on Lawless Lawyer and Two Weeks (I recommend always specify that they are korean drama) Summarizing, complete the request in this way: 1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo korean drama 2016. 2. Lawless Lawyer korean drama 2018. 3. Two weeks korean drama 2013. ▶Please feel free to share for help, thanks in advance! #李準基 #이준기 #Leejoongi#actor_JG #italylovesljg #italyloveactor_JG #italialoveandsupportljg #leejoongiitalianfamily #jgitalianfamily #jgforever #jgitfamily #junki #joongi #joongi_lee #leejoonki #leejoongioppa #leejoongifan #leejoongi #actor_jg #actorjg_angle #koreanactor #korea_world_j #namooactors #netflix #Leejoongiitalianiniziative #moonloversfornetflix

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