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JG’s Hong Kong press conference 20190309 — English translation. Part 2 & final. . [*correction — on page 6, “I am giving big love from —> I am receiving big love from...] - video source – - Read the full translation here — - excerpts— . “Hong Kong is famous for being one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It’s a city where I want to live once someday. I think every person is very unique in their own way. Many cultures coexist, and passionate and beautiful people mingle and blend into the city.” . “The reason I love martial arts is because I watched a lot of Hong Kong action movies in my adolescence. So nowadays, I fell in love with jiu jitsu. When I don’t have any schedule, I always make a habit of going to the gym to train my body and mind.” . “My fans want to see me in the romance genre as soon as possible. My face still looks good. So my fans say, ‘While you still have that beauty, do [the romance] as soon as possible.’ I also keep looking for such an opportunity, and I am giving it a lot of thought, so please look forward to it.” . “I always learn a lot from my fans. I will lead by example and work harder to spread and share the big love that you have given me. (Receiving the letter of appreciation) Thank you.” . “Even in countries where I was not born, I am receiving big love from diverse groups of people, and I am living such a blessed life. I think that’s why I have gotten such a great opportunity like this [to spread love]. I am sincerely thankful. . “It’s not just me… But you guys are here because you love Korean culture. I will work harder with a greater sense of responsibility and gratitude, so I can lead by example and contribute to cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Korea. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” . “Please look forward to my 2018-2019 Asia tour last show. Please come to my party. Thank you. Thank you Hong Kong. Love you. Thank you.” - - #leejoongi #이준기 #delight #hongkong #cultureambassador #문화외교관이준기😎 #오래같이하자 #jginterview_gm

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