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Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na enjoy sweet market dates like newlyweds 😍🥰😊🍑🌸💕 Please give us sweet moment again pd nim!! I’m still disappointed why during Jin Shim cry in eps 11 you not let Jung Rok hug her 😩😫 • On Thursday, Kwon Jung Rok and Oh Jin Shim’s still cut in "Touch Your Heart" which are enjoying a market date on White Day, were unveiled. The two people in the steel are walking along the market with their hands clasped. The two people's eyes glancing down at each other heightening their excitement. At the same time, Oh Jin Shim's style, which is quite different from before, attracts attention. The long-sleeved blue jacket and large-sized grey hood hops are drawing attention as they appear to be not Oh Jin Shim's clothes but Kwon Jung Rok's 😋 • The image of Oh Jin Shim trying to put chicken in Kwon Jung Rok's mouth makes her heart tickle. Kwon Jung Rok's eyes look at Oh Jin Shim as if she is adorable, which makes her heart throbbing. The scene of the two whirling around in the market is stirring up the clowns of the newlyweds. • "Today's show (March 14) shows that the chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, which is as sweet as candy, will explode," the production team said. "We will make the audience fall into the doghouse of excitement by showing such sweet things as white-day candy, including a market date that spits newlyweds and a regular date course," he said. • ©Naver #이동욱 #李栋旭 #유인나 #刘仁娜 #ユインナ #저승사자 #써니 #왕여 #김선 #피치커플 #도깨비 #진심이닿다 #오진심 #오윤서 #5리얼 #권정록 #觸及真心 #연고커플 #LeeDongWook #YooInNa #PichiCouple #Goblin #GrimReaper #SunnyNotSunhee #OhYoonSeo #OhJinShim #KwonJungRok #TouchYourHeart #OintmentCouple #4mydearpichicouple

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