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Bsbdjjd idek what to sayy but i just saw Park Seo Joon in Oxford streeet!! Im stupid cause even though i was so close i didnt take pics!!! I was just shook ive never see an idol/k actor that close. Basically me and my friend were walking down Oxford street and i told my friend before that holland was in London so keep an eye out😂 but she didn’t really know what he looks like so she kept pointing out asians guys...then we saw this guy stop to take a pic near the crossing and two guys took a pic of him and i was like lol weird but my friend pointed again is that holland and i looked fully again like no till i realise SHIT THATS PARK SEO JOON I THINK so i actually wasn’t sure like i was but wasn’t?? So i ran infront (he has long ass legs it was hard to keep up) and was like shit it really is when i saw his whole face i was abouttt to take out my phone to take a pic till one of the managers looks at me and smiles so i got embarrassed and just walked back to my friend (she stayed back taking a vid) aanndsbbsbs that was it they walked on after and we walked back to charing 😭😭 ugh i wish i asked for a pic cause i was so damn close to him but I really didn’t know how like can i ask his manager but they’re walking😭😭😭 ugh I regret it hut o well he was just here for a magazine shoot i think probably came from that glad I didn’t bother him too much but annoyed I didn’t get pics of at least him walking near me sighhhh really didn’t expect it didn’t even know hes in london!! Hes my favourite actor as well agghhhh😭 Credit to my friend for the pic while i was too shook to do anything 😂

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