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Interview+bts of poster making 2/2 🌹💜 @leeyuri007 January 23, 2018 MBC Water-wood Mini Series "Spring turns to spring" premiered MBS News Anchor. (Water-wood means Wednesday, Thursday水曜日木曜日-水木) Yuri: Hello, everybody. Spring turns to spring. I'm LeeYuri, the actor of Kimbomi. Q: KimBomi? Yuri: I play the role of Kim Bomi. What's the feeling of seeing now? This role is very, very careless (repetitive). (She) is sloppy and not tidy up. Will she clean properly? Even so... (Or) …Ha-ha. Nobody competes with herself, but she competes with everyone? The desire to win is really strong. Everything is seen with detective eyes. It's the role of suspicion of all people and the perception that all people are competitors. “Marriage as a mean”“bulldozer”Think of those words. Q:What's the point? Yuri: It's the same as Yan Uhm Ji Won sister's body, but our personality has changed and exchanged. That should be a point of view. Many of the actors in our TV drama have not been able to recite the title well. "Will Spring Come", "Spring Comes", "Spring, Spring" Spring comes, this is not spring. Spring turns to spring?Right,haha.( also confused, kkkkk) Spring turns to spring (Silence) Seems particularly difficult.Spring turns to spring.Please love us more. MBC Water-Wood Drama " Spring turns to spring " premiered on January 23, please watch more! - #r #LeeYuri #이유리 #李幼梨 #LeeYoori #봄이오나봄 #SpringTurnsToSpring #KimBomi #김보미 #fate #drama #comedy #fantasy #artiste #spring #koreanactress #koreandrama #mbc #mbcdrama #SpringMustBeComing #bomionabom #knowingbrothers #menonamission ©

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