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3 Prettiest White Dresses On The Red Carpet Of Seoul Music Awards 2019 JANUARY 16, 2019 On Jan. 15, Seoul Music Awards (SMA) 2019 was held and many stars could be seen on the red carpet. All the stars could be seen with perfect fashion. Female celebrities had various designs and colors for their outfits. Many were seen wearing white dresses. Some of them were especially gorgeous. Here is a selection of the three prettiest white dresses on the red carpet of SMA 2019. .. .. 1- Clara With this white dress, she looks like a goddess. She looks elegant and yet sexy. Her hairstyle was simple and her earrings luxurious. On the overall, she caught attention. .. .. .. .. 2- IZ * ONE's Sakura Sakura looks lovely with her white lace dress on the red carpet. The back of each dress was also slightly bared. On the overall, the dress was pretty and suited every well. .. .. 3- Actress Kim SoHyun Kim SoHyun looked very elegant white a long white dress with bared shoulders. Each earrings and rings also caught attention. Every overall fashion was stunning on the day. .. ..

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