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Hi! I’m back with my silly guessing game for my current obsession drama. Here's my thought about the reason why some ordinary people (apart of reincarnated immortal/deities) can see Ok Nam’s transformation: . . Let's blame it on OXYTOCYN!! . . Ok Nam-Kim Geum LOVE LOVE SITUATION😍😍 produce magical oxytocyn (the hormone of love, produced when someone's in love) to the air so the people around them can see Ok Nam's true fairy form. 🤪 . 1. Flower hairclip vendor in the cinema witnessed ON's transformation right after Kim Geum asked ON to put the flower onto his hair. ON looked blushing happily. LABU LABU 😍😍(Love-love) situation!! . .2. Dr Lee who previously could only see Ok Nam as old lady barista, finally saw beautiful Ok Nam when ON was chatting happily with Kim Gem, giving him the Lotus bud plant. Kim Geum meets Ok Nam creates Loves in the air 😍😍 LABU LABU situation!! . . 3. The clothing sales ahjussi was shocked to see ON had transformed into a young lady shopping with her date, Kim Geum buying some ahjumma clothes. LABU LABU 😍😍SITUATION!!! ON's transformation seen by ordinary people whenever Ok Nam was with Geum. . . However, such transformation was never seen by other people when ON was with Jung. In ep 5 some students kept teasing ON who claimed to be a fairy since they only can see ON as an old lady. Eventhough ON was happy seeing Jung in her cafe booth, people still couldn't see her transformation. Ep 7, Jung's students were gossiping that Jung was so weird behaving awkwardly to old lady barista, sharing an umbrella (Ok Nam's confession to Jung scene). They couldn't see the true fairy form of ON. It's Love confession but NO LOVE LOVE situation. So, I believe Ok Nam subconsciously falls in love with Geum but she just hasn't realized her true heart. The true love between Ok Nam and Geum will enable the people surround them seeing ON's beautiful fairy form. If Geum ends up marrying Ok Nam, I don't think it will be a problem since everyone will be able to see Ok Nam as Geum's young and beautiful (699 year old) Bride 🤣🤣🤣 . . . #계룡선녀전#MamaFairyandtheWoodcutter #문채원 #MoonChaeWon #윤현민 #YoonHyunMin #서지훈 #SeoJiHoon #전수진 #JunSooJin #강미나 #KangMiNa

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