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πŸ₯These are some his answers in the lastest interview for Arena Magazine: Q. "Seo Junhee who showed a strong love. He doesn't exist in reality but (we) want to believe. After the drama finish, do you think, "I really think there's a love like this?" A. While acting, I thought how to express Seo Jun Hee's love. The expression of "Strong love" is really good πŸ˜πŸ˜›. At first, I wonder "If is there such a love like this?" but playing Seo Jun Hee, i think there is in reality (Oh you just think there is when you really feel it and we'r sure he completely does.He must played a character with all true feeling and he already fell in love. That's why he thinks there is this "strong love" in real life, right, Haein oppa??) Q. People think you are humble and serious. What we think of you is right? A. It is generally correct. I'm serious and cautious. I'm not funny person πŸ˜„(but we think he is pretty funny 🀣🀣) Q. On the other hand, is there a real Jung Haein when we are close? A. I am shy a little but when I get close, I play a lot of fun and be playful. When i'm with people whom I feel comfortable with, i laugh a lot (Yejin will show us how a real Jung Hae In is 😍) Q. Where and What will you do on the last day of 2018? A. I don't know yet, but if I don't have a schedule, I will celebrate the New Year with my family. I wish I can. (Yejin will join this family soon πŸ™πŸ˜‰) Q. What do you really want to do in 2019? Of course you will be busy A. I like traveling, but I couldn't travel because of drama and movie shooting. I want to go on a trip and rest well in 2019. I haven't decided where to go yet. @holyhaein @yejinhand ------πŸ’“πŸ’“------ Please repost to @injindestiny Clip edited by @injindestiny Source: Arena's Magazine Thank our friend for sharing πŸ™ #정해인#μ†μ˜ˆμ§„#λ°₯μž˜μ‚¬μ£ΌλŠ”μ˜ˆμœλˆ„λ‚˜#somethingintherain#junghaein#sonyejin#prettynoonawhobuysmefood #injindestiny#injincouple

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