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[13회 예고] 당신이 나 때문에 그렇게 된 거야, 다 나 때문이야... [Ep13 preview] "you turn out that way because of me,all because of me" (trans by Soompi Hyunjinies) . Trans by SweetLullaby@soompi YWM: Did you manage to contact Segye? SDJ: She came looking for me but she disappeared again KSR: I won't marry you I wanted to show you what I gave up for you  EH: I want to throw everything away too The thought of you knowing made me crazy. HSG: Can I ask how you got that illness?  I need to go home. So Dojae became like that because of me. I think it's because of me. . #서현진 #SeoHyunJin #徐玄振 #이민기 #LeeMinKi #안재현 #AhnJaeHyun #이다희 #LeeDahee #뷰티인사이드 #BeautyInside

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