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[181018] @wow_kimsohyun leave a message in StandBy cafe to her fans today💕 . [Eng] Subject: Hi everyone!!! Long time no see~ how are you! Today because of schedule, therefore I’ve update a bit late... This time I specially come to bring a new message to you guys! I’ll be with Netflix Original series “Love Alarm”’s Kim Jo Jo together! At the begin, the news has came out when the moment I still haven’t confirm yet, fans are very worry, in the other hand I also think must have some people are disappointed, so my heart feel so worry...But I have also considered the part everyone worry about, I will get closer carefully :) Although I must be take care a lot! Firstly it isn’t TV broadcast, therefore the audience real time reaction, ratings isn’t concentrate to calculate, hope everyone wouldn’t feel worry :) The filming system is different with don’t say forest even cannot see a tree that kind of short time & terrible environment, this is a work that can use time to complete nicely together. I also very reassure to participate this work! So, please wait patiently! I’ll work hard to use new face meeting everyone in Netflix ㅎㅎㅎStill many people feel strange towards Netflix, right! Although it also has TV channel, but actually it also has APP! Although it still so strange, but also a quite good platform, therefore everyone no need so worry! Then, I’ll bring you good news again next time! I left this little bit message for everyone who still worrying!! See you in “This is My First Twenty” tomorrow!! Watch it with little cutie pie!! ... Heartwarming & trustworthy angel Sso always care about her fans rather than herself😇❤️ Ya...I worry if it’ll broadcast in TVN too but only on Netflix don’t need to worry about ratings that much☺️ Always believe & support your decision😊 New challenge & road Fighting💪🏻Always be with you🙆🏻‍♀️ . Cr: standby cafe, kimsohyunbling weibo #김소현 #kimsohyun #金所泫 #ruler #sohyun #mbc #ksh #군주 #rulermasterofthemask #skono #school2015 #princess #samsung #soup #Pelicana #군주가면의주인 #HanGaEun #한가은 #whileyouweresleeping #radioromance #라디오로맨스 #songgeurim #hanyul

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