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181108 Jung So Min ig update. Translation : Although I'm still not good at it, the song, "Star, Us", which I have participated in and wrote the lyrics for the first time in my life and also the title, will be released today at 6 pm with a music video. I was very nervous because I had a duet with an incredibly famous singer..(who is the secret singer?) Please listen to the song 'Star, Us' because it is sad and beautiful like the love of Moo Young and Jin Kang. And today don't forget to watch #tvN #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyes at 9:30 pm. #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyesOST #Iwrotethelyricsforthefirsttime #JungSoMin #정소민 #SeoInGuk #서인국 #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyes #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyesOST @Regran_ed from @somin_jj - 서툴지만 난생처음 제가 작사에 참여하고 제목도 지은 노래 ‘별,우리’ 가 뮤비와 함께 오늘 오후 6시에 음원공개됩니다! 무엇보다 엄청나게 유명한 가수와 듀엣을 해서 굉장히 떨렸는데요..(누군지는 안알랴줌 비밀) 무영이와 진강이의 사랑처럼 슬프고 아름다운 노래 ‘별,우리’ 많이많이 들어주세요🤗 그리고 오늘 9시30분 #TVN #하늘에서내리는1억개의별 본방사수도 잊지말기!!🙏🏻 #하늘에서내리는1억개의별OST #작사는처음이라 - #regrann

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