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[TRANS.]Mr Sunshine's actor end interview (Kim Tae Ri's part) Kim Tae Ri : Dear Mr Sunshine's viewer, I am really really thank you guys. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. When i met you first time as Aeshin, i always think how could i go deeper into this character. Those times I was troubled and struggled so hard. 1 year has passed, to all Sunbaenim-deul who helped me so much, i really want to thank you. I am really happy, thank you so much 😘❀❀ Interviewer: "You had been through a lot of hard work for 1 year" KTR:"Thanks for the effort ❀" KTR: "I almost cry.." *close her mouth 😭 . .............. 1 year, four seasons, Righteous army kept protected this beautiful nation. All the actors wholeheartedly gave their best effort. But, the most important thing was appreciation from viewers. Thank you so much for our viewers #MrSunShine #KimTaeRi #LeeByungHun #YooYeonSeok #kimminjung #ByunYoHan #λ―ΈμŠ€ν„°μ…˜μƒ€μΈ #κΉ€νƒœλ¦¬ #μ΄λ³‘ν—Œ #μœ μ—°μ„ #κΉ€λ―Όμ • #λ³€μš”ν•œ

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