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신청기간 : 2018.10.04~2018.10.09 (6일간) *신청기간 이후에는 신청하실 수 없습니다. 제작기간 :5-7일 소요 배송기간 : 2018.10.15 이후 순차배송 예정 ✔제 블로그에 오셔서 찬찬히 잘 읽어보시구 신청해주세요😊 감사합니다🙏 Application period : 2018.10.04~2018.10.09 (for 6days_Korean time) *You cannot apply after the application period. *Make period : for 5-7 days *Shipping period : Scheduled after 2018.10.15 ~ (It takes 10 to 15 days to ship overseas.) ✔Please come to my blog and read it carefully before applying.😊 Thanks🙏

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