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I really admire Lee Joon a lot. Not only for his bright, friendly and humble personality but for his honesty too. He talked about his bipolar disorder and his experiences with mental illness honestly, and openly without any fear. And it's seriously a thing on which we all should appreciate him. He didn't only talk about mental health issues on national television, but he also called out all the people who bash celebrities on small issues. Boy was always so fearless and woke, and I really really respect him a lot for that. Tbh South Korea is a scary country for me. Korean netizens are so cruel towards their celebrities, I don't get fascinated by that country anymore. I don't want to go there anymore. For me Only good thing about that country is EXO and my other favorite celebrities, that's it. Korean netizens are so judgemental, so rude. They can't even bear celebrities dating, how we can expect from them to accept mental health issues? Anyways I really think that the stigma about depression needs to end now. Because it's making depressed people more sick. Back to Lee Joon, as a korean idol actor, he did an amazing job in talking about such sensitive issue. I remember in early 2018, when news came that military authorities are going to reassign Lee Joon to public service due to his severe panic attacks, korean netizens bashed him severely for this, and said that he is celebrity that's why military authorities are favoring him. No one tried to understand his disorder, his mental issues. No one bothered to understand that it was a medical expert who suggested to reassign him because of his mental health issues. At that time too all international korean drama fan pages called out korean netizens over their rudeness. I wasn't Lee Joon's fan at that time, but I still felt his pain. And after watching " Father is strange ", when I searched up " Ahn Joong Hee ", I came to know that he is the same Lee Joon who got panic attacks, I literally cried a lot. He is continuously fighting against his bipolar disorder, he didn't lose hope and is still working hard as a Singer and actor. And I am so proud of him for this ♥ Keep slaying boi. 🔥♥ #LeeJoon

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