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[Rough Trans of BTS Cut] ⚠️ DO NOT REPOST ⚠️ Soohyang: don't do that. I said no.. Caption: The rehearsal beyonds reality and acting Caption: super close shot..// Eunwoo: (took a picture) i'm not desperate, really. Soohyang: me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ i have metode Staff: Mirae's hairs Caption: Kyungsukie still fixing mirae's hair until the last. Eunwoo: Mirae's hairstylist has finished *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* Caption: Mirae's limited hairstylist. Caption: that you waited for a long time, finally the kiss scene's turn. Soohyang: went up here Caption: the hardest thing to get position than i thought (doubting) Eunwoo: **he couldn't stop trying to kiss even noona still hadn't ready yet lol boy** oh! To do (position) like this.. I can do that.. I can do that.. Wait a second. Wait a second. Caption: Exciting to find DoRae's position. Eunwoo A new taste! Caption: This is how the first kiss finished.

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