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Slide 1~ Some of Kim Sejeong fans on DC (Sejeong's korean fans) posted on their site that they voted for PMY on APAN awards. Cr. PMY DC gal Awwwww thank u so much Sejeong's fans πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ u are so kind like Sejeong 😍 Slide 2~ The voting result on APAN till 18.00 HKT (Hongkong time) PS. 2nd is IU Cr. little芷婷婷婷婷 #λ°•λ―Όμ˜ #parkminyoung #ζœ΄ζ•θ‹± #γƒ‘γ‚―γƒŸγƒ‹γƒ§γƒ³ #kimsejeong #Sejeong #sejeonggugudan

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