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When evidence is stronger than your alibi 😂 No matter how hard you tried to deny it.. No matter how firm you stand with your decisions... I still find the two of you cute 😂 I mean look at this... Is this the way you tease a woman if you two dont have something? To think they've never been in a project or shows before 😉 Oh! My poor shipping heart ❤ I sincerely hope you wont be bash if there's REALLY something going on between the two of you 😆 #parkparkcouple I wish nothing but the two of you will END UP TOGETHER. ❤ I mean, is that too much to ask?? 😆 Remember, love is stronger when tested. Fighting! 💪🌷🐮 #whatswrongwithsecretarykim #parkminyoung #parkseojoon #repost 📷@iloveparkpark

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