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Time 시간 episode 15-16 aka 8, Cheon So Ho wants to be friend with Eun Chae Ah . So Ho ask Chae Ah, will she marry him when he has nothing and not a chaebol, and Chae Ah said she'll not marry him of course. Than So Ho ask "Then could we be friend? I want to listen to you and talk" isn't So Ho so sweet? So Ho truly wants to listen to Chae Ah, before this scene Chae Ah said she want Lawyer Shin to be her friend because she wants to be listen. If you watch this episode fully, you'll see how sad when So Ho said these, Kim Jung Hyun acting really well he can portray the feeling of a guy who dying like So Ho . I really love So Ho character, seriously So Ho really unique to me. . Honestly So Ho and Chae Ah will be perfect duo if they are honest to each other, So Ho indeed care for Chae Ah too beside Ji Hyun . So Ho--yaaa I will marry you even you're not chaebol ❤️❤️❤️ . . Main cast Kim Jung-hyun as Cheon So-ho. Son of W Group's CEO, and CEO of a restaurant. He is seen as a perfect man. Seohyun as Seol Ji-hyun. A bright and optimistic woman who becomes the breadwinner of a house at a young age. Her time hasn't moved on since the death of her sister. Kim Jun-han as Shin Min-seok Hwang Seung-eon as Eun Chae-ah . . #Time #Shigan #TimeDrama #TimeKdrama #KimJungHyun #김정현 #Seohyun #서현 #KimJoonHan #HwangSeungUn #Kdrama #koreandrama

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