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Time 시간 episode 15-16 aka 8, Cheon So Ho warm words . "This thing call time. It doesn't just pass and disappear. We absorb it with our bodies and it's stay with us. The time that I thought disappeared every day, come together to form memories. They become life. Your life. That's how you become complete. This is the reason why passing time has meaning. The time that passed comes together to complete you. The time we spend right now is very meaningful" . Seriously these words So Ho said very touching, I don't know but this scene made me sad, what So Ho said and his condition make it feel so sad, time is very meaningful to be honest. Each second we've been through Really meaningful because it's form our memories our life. . Well the end of this scene is not really sad but funny, haha try watch it for yourself you'll understand why . Seriously Kim Jung Hyun acting in this drama really cool. . Main cast Kim Jung-hyun as Cheon So-ho. Son of W Group's CEO, and CEO of a restaurant. He is seen as a perfect man. Seohyun as Seol Ji-hyun. A bright and optimistic woman who becomes the breadwinner of a house at a young age. Her time hasn't moved on since the death of her sister. Kim Jun-han as Shin Min-seok Hwang Seung-eon as Eun Chae-ah . . #Time #Shigan #TimeDrama #TimeKdrama #KimJungHyun #김정현 #Seohyun #서현 #KimJoonHan #HwangSeungUn #Kdrama #koreandrama

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