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Nam Gun Ho Cast | Park Young Gyu #ColdBloodedDevil #NamShinGrandfather #ChairmanOfPK #FraudVictim2 . PK Group chairman, the father of Nam Jung Woo and grandfather of Nam Shin. . He lost his son on an early death, he seems to have everything in the world. He is a man everyone would envy. Nam Gun Ho is actually an unhappy person, it is because he cannot share the warmth between people. . I have so many things that I am afraid to lose. I don't trust anyone. Since childhood, I gave support for Jong Gil and Young Hoon, and to my daughter Ho Yeon and grandson Shin, family by blood. . Although I never believe in Shin a hundred percent, there is a high hope inside me. He have the determination to take over the company. Even if it causes accidents, in other words, he was able to calculate the level of the issue. . But, you don't need a place to take over PK Group. Nam Shin really left. No one can take away the PK Group built by blood and sweat. . People like Jong Gil have already set their eyes and are running. . I couldn't hide my anxious feelings! . Unexpectedly Nam Shin appeared, why is he so strange when I have known him for so long? . Is Shin really back? Can I trust you now? . Rough translations by @areyouhuman_kbs2tv . #서강준 #seokangjun #seokangjoon #5urprise #gongseungyeon #공승연 #leejoonhyuk #이준혁 #parkhwanhee #박환희 #kimsungryung #김성령 #yuohseong #유오성 #areyouhumantoo #areyouhuman #너도인간이니 #kdrama #koreandrama #kdrama2018 #upcomingkdrama #kbsdrama

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