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Seo Jong Gil Cast | Yu Oh Seong #RealDevil #NamShinOpponent #ExecutiveDirectorOfPK #FraudTracker . With a reasonable handling and a good image, he is gaining tremendous trust from the board of directors of PK Group. He is pretending to be loyal to the chairman Nam Gun Ho by taking on all the hard work. In fact, I have a knife to take him down anytime. He is a man who will do anything to become the president. . The reason he made Ye Na the fiancee of Nam Shin even he is an eyesore is only because of his ambition. Anyway, he's a famous bastard. Management related duties are incompetent and avoidable. If only Ji Young Hoon, who is in charge of the affairs relating to Nam Shin, could be a good conversationalist, it seems certain he will be able to secure the position of chairman in the PK Group. . At the most important moment that I waited, in a shocking accident, he just left. The position of chairman of the PK Group, which I work hard for a long time, the sweet spot look so close to my hand. . What kind of fate is this? Nam Shin came back at the worst possible time! . It's obviously a good looking guy, why does it seem so strange, he seems completely different from what he used to be! In addition, he's preparing it for a long time! To get in the way? . There must be something, Nam Shin, Ji Young Hoon, what the hell are you up to? . Rough translations by @areyouhuman_kbs2tv . #서강준 #seokangjun #seokangjoon #5urprise #gongseungyeon #공승연 #leejoonhyuk #이준혁 #parkhwanhee #박환희 #kimsungryung #김성령 #yuohseong #유오성 #areyouhumantoo #areyouhuman #너도인간이니 #kdrama #koreandrama #kdrama2018 #upcomingkdrama #kbsdrama

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