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Nam Shin III Cast | Seo Kang Joon #AI #RobotWithEmotions #BigScaleHumanImpersonation #FraudRobot . Just a visual working, a premium guy with a sexy brain! He has the power and strength, a strong mind that never shakes! First of all, this man is full of comfort and consideration for others! The only downside of the great Nam Shin III, is in fact, not a human! . Dr. Oh Ro Ra, the world's leading authority on brain science and artificial intelligence has long made the latest version of "Intelligence Robot" series. . You know, there's a human being like you. Without the opportunity to analyze accurately, and by the earnest request of his mother, Korea and PK Group, a man got into a strange world! . With countless virtual reality training, team leader Ji Young Hoon, a close friend of Nam Shin, I prepare to be Nam Shin, a human being. It's hard to meet real people for the first time in my life! . A good human being, a reliable human being that my mom told me about, where the hell are they? In principle, you shouldn't tell a lie. . Today's friend is often deceived as an enemy of tomorrow. Smile and cry, then laugh, why are emotions so complicated? I can't make an analysis. In particular, Kang So Bong, a woman who appears unexpectedly to be a faithful bodyguard! . No one knows that Nam Shin III is an artificial intelligence robot. Will we be able to finish the impersonation safely? . How do you think about it? Am I the same as a real human being? . Rough translations by @areyouhuman_kbs2tv . #서강준 #seokangjun #seokangjoon #5urprise #gongseungyeon #공승연 #leejoonhyuk #이준혁 #parkhwanhee #박환희 #kimsungryung #김성령 #yuohseong #유오성 #areyouhumantoo #areyouhuman #너도인간이니 #kdrama #koreandrama #kdrama2018 #upcomingkdrama #kbsdrama

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