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Regrann @xiaoo24 - 😌 Reading some iv today, which shocked me a little bit and I find you two are so funny, especially @holyhaein . You said you can barely use any adjectives to describe @yejinhand , and she is degage, kind-hearted, smart and energetic, with a greater enthusiasm than anyone at the scene. You said you can really keep praising her all the time. And then the important point is that this time your ideal type is more specific than before, comely, degage, brave and honest to express her emotions and you think love is the only thing that matters rather than the age. These two answers really make me laugh for quite a long moment.😂Come on, you really can almost put it straight that you have no ideal type and your ideal one is Sonyejin.😏But she said in the interview that you two are not dating, and she wants you to answer the question asked by the reporter that how many probabilities you will be together as a real couple.😂After seeing this, I have to say I just wanna clap and cheer for her, such a brave, frank and charming lady!!👏And for you, I just wanna know that how can you haven’t told her your real thoughts about her all the time!!😂You dare to give her gifts in Valentine’s Day, and I quite sure that the two decorated silver rings you selected in Jeju was presented to her too as gifts; you dare to hold her hands at least twice in front of the media and sincerely tell them that you are flipped for her all the way; and now you dare to almost tell us that your ideal type is actually her in the interview… So how can’t you dare to tell her how you feel and what you want from her? Are you all right?😆I heard that you are the descendants of the Jeong Yak-yong, you have grown up with your grandparents and your relationship with your family is just like friends, so I guess your family tradition and education should be very classic and decent.But we really hv no needs to spend 4 seasons to know one person and see if we can fall in love. Darling, it’s the 21st century now, most of time we not sending letters to communicate😂… and we have much more and well-developed ways to know someone. But to some extent, I really appreciate ur attitude about love

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