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Posted this as I translated this last night. Will slowly translate Seyeon’s . “If you see in ep2-3, Seyeon bright and cheerful scene was overwhelming alone. She has the bright energy but i think it was undervalued. I feel like someone who has acted together. If you meet a good work, that definitely will comes out.” He praised. He talked about the kiss scene and how he is bad in skinship. “At the filming location it was a situation where there were 4-50 staffs, it was so crazy. She(JSY) also laughed with a lot of embarrassment, she looked at me and keep saying she can’t do it. Similar level of fools, both in a state of embarrassment teasing each other ‘could it be, are you nervous” Note: overwhelming has a lot of meaning but in his context i believe he meant have a strong emotional effect because he was praising her. . Trans might contain inaccuracies/mistranslation/paraphrase

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