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When asking about his teamwork with JSY, he said it’s really harmonious/match well. When i got the offer i heard the casting was JSY so i felt like gaining strength. I liked her acting texture(?) and colour. She is one of the actresses i wanna match the acting ensemble. In term of personality, she has a lot of similar aspects like me. We both like playing by ourselves. We are also common in being someone that only stay at home, and pure energy. The little difference, if i have to pick is i am more to fool side and she is more to innocent side. Originally, rumor in industry too that she is kind that’s why we can work comfortably. That innocent SY and fool me meeting and filming a bed scene. That was so hard. Did it with a prepared heart, a scene that was filmed with determination but watching the making film, i did a lot of stupid action. Actually, JSY is also the same. I don’t know in what mind both of us filmed(that scene) . Trans might contain inaccuracies

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