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[News] 너도 인간이니' 공승연의 새로운 도전, 기대되는 이유 The reason why we anticipate Gong Seung Yeon new challenge in “AYHT” Gong Seung Yeon will play the part as Kang Sobong, a bodyguard who was once an MMA player. SY has built up her career with various genres and characters and she grew up after finishing each project. And from "AYHT", she is predicting a birth of her new life-character - Robot+Romance. In the steps that she will act in Robomance, she will show the comfortability and flirting. The staff said that Sobong is a person who face both characters Robot Namshin and human Namshin. It might be little hard to understand and act but she did really well with thorough preparation (from the trustful aspect to protect Robot Namshin to the lovely aspect of being with him) Rough translation by: Brainy src: Naver News #공승연 #gongseungyeon #너도인간이니

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