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#유승호 #俞承豪 #YooSeungHo #ยูซึงโฮ #ユスンホ cr-百度俞承豪吧 『2018 YSH Birthday Charity 』 If overseas fans are not convenient to use owhat you can join in the paypal. Our Paypal ID is: 『2018 YSH Birthday Charity project details』 Project: YSH’s Love Forest 2.0 Project Content: On August 17, 2017, Baidu YSH Bar & Us YSH chinese fan club donated 1,314 trees to the desert area of Inner Mongolia, China in the name of Mr. YSH and established YSH’s Love Forest. This year we will plan to donate 1,000 trees to the desert region of northwestern China (the actual number of trees is based on the actual donation, ¥10 per tree) in the name of Mr. YSH No upper limit, love is priceless. We hope that we can continue to spread the hope of green in the northwestern region of China in the name of Mr. YSH. Project significance: The main purpose of the project is to plant trees on the edge of the desert in northwestern China (Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, etc.), thereby delaying the expansion of the desert edge. At the same time, it contributes to the mitigation of the greenhouse effect and sandstorm impact. Farmers who grow trees can also graft herbs on the trees to increase the income and improve their living conditions. Deadline: 2018.8 『Remarks』 ①1 tree = 10 CNY = about 1.7 USD (For paypal involved in exchange rates and withdrawals and other factors, so overseas fans should give a multiple of 2 when the transfer, that is, 1 tree = 2 USD) ②Funding details and donation details will be announced after the event ends

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