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. The production of the hospitalship DVD was eventually abolished. You can get a refund at the purchase site. There may be a difference in the exchange rate between the purchase and the refund. Thank you. . We feel bad because we can not deliver good news. Over the last three months, we have worked hard, but it was not enough. We want you to know that it was a hard journey for us as we opened the pre-order link from the demand survey to the second pre-order. We applaud all of you who have worked hard. Especially, we would like to express our gratitude to the leaders of 'Jiwon love 1023' Cafe and Japan 'Team Jiwona'. We will also not forget the impressions of our DVD promotional post on HK1023 and CN1023 official accounts. We are very grateful to overseas hospital ship fans who have been careful and have regramed all of our promotional comments. We have had a lot of obstacles and attacks, but the failure to make hospital ship DVD does not mean they won, just hope not forget we were a little far from the finish line. You would be eagerly hoping that the Hospital ship DVD will not be released, but it is not the victory you have gained from your efforts. We send our love and respect to fans of overseas hospital ships from around the world who have ordered our hospital ship DVD. In spite of this, our project has just come to an end, but the hospital ship is still cruising overseas. So our heart will run with them on the same sea. Please do not forget our time. Thank you all. . #병원선premiumDVD #醫療船 #하지원 #hajiwon #河智苑 #ハジウォン #강민혁 #kangminhyuk #姜敏赫 #カンミンヒョク #이서원 #李瑞元 #イソウォン @hajiwon1023 @mr_kanggun @_lee.sw #Kdrama #한국드라마 #tw1023 #Philippines #Vietnam #hospitalship #Japan #china #씨앤블루 #hongkong #Taiwan #台湾 #Indonesia #Thailand

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