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#repost @leekwangsooupdate via @PhotoAroundApp [Lee Kwang Soo Gets Outed For Drunk Dialing Apink’s Bomi On “Running Man”] • SBS’s “Running Man” will reveal a surprising(?) story involving Apink’s Bomiand Lee Kwang Soo. The upcoming episode will focus on a race that will determine who will accompany Lee Kwang Soo in a punishment trip to Australia’s Cage of Death which is a crocodile diving experience. Actor Shin Sung Rok and Bomi appear as special guests on the episode. Previously, Bomi and Lee Kwang Soo had a love line on a “Running Man” episode in April. Thus, the other cast members notice Bomi appearing awkward around Lee Kwang Soo during filming this time around. When asked about this, Bomi carefully confesses, “After filming last time Lee Kwang Soo video called me after drinking and it was actually a little uncomfortable.” Lee Kwang Soo gets flustered and says, “I treated her the same as I treat Apink’s Eunji who I am close to. It’s not like that [indecent intentions]!” Despite his explanations, the members continue to be suspicious of his intentions and tease him throughout the race. You can watch more of the quick-to-fall-in-love Lee Kwang Soo and variety idol star Bomi when the episode airs on October 15 at 4:50 p.m. KST. • Source : Soompi • #leekwangsoo #kwangsoo #oppa #actor #korea #asiaprince #princeofasia #girin #giraffe #korea #이광수 #기린 #bomi #apink #bomiapink

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