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. [The following interview is from the official fan club of Song Il Kook, GeNtLe, which is trustworthy. I translated only the kids’ part] . 1. How is your family’s life in France? Are you doing well? The kids adapted themselves to the surroundings and eat foods well. They often eat Korean food as we have Korean restaurants and a mall nearby. . 2. Why did you come back to Korea this time? To do some stuffs... to film commercials and to spend some time for Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day). . 3. When will you come back to Korea? Maybe August, 2018. Of course I(we?) can come back if I(we?) have special occasions. . 4. During the interview he said sth like these...: . 1) The kids now go to the kindergarten in France well and they adapt themselves to the surroundings far better than the adults. 2) They eat the foods very well (esp. Daehan came to know the true value of Kimchi taste. He enjoys Kimchi soooo much in his life in France.) Minguk and Manseh also eat very well and adapted well. (*info*: Kimchi is the essential food for almost all Koreans when they spend long time abroad. Most Koreans have hard time eating too many oily food. It is cute that Daehanie knows the true value of Kimchi because not many kids know it, thinking it is too hot.) 3) Il-Kook takes the kids to here and there whenever possible, just like they were in Korea. It feels easier to move in France than in Korea. 4) One thing that surprised most fans: Song family has moved to another home in Korea before going to France. They are not in Songdo anymore. To sum up, they all are doing well in France, same routines of spending their time, no worry. *. [Almost Officially acknowledged information] 1. Song Il Kook and the kids might be on the opening red carpet stage of BIFF 2. Song family will stay in Korea until 12th Oct. . [Personal comment] 31th post Sooo relieved to know their good health. Hope they can relax and enjoy their happy private life. This account is originally for the translation of @songilkook only, and it will be the same, but I will sometimes upload important issues if needed. Please let me know if made a mistake. Thanks always💗 . [TAGS] #대한민국만세 #daehanmingukmanse

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