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[jazminemedia] 15 facts you probably didn’t know about the cast of Ruler: Master of the mask 1. Kim So Hyun is 6 years younger than Yoo Seung Ho 2. Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho both started out as child actors. 3. Yoo Seung Ho is dubbed “Little So Ji Sub” 4. Yoo Seung Ho fulfilled his military duties back in 2013 5. Yoo Seung Ho’s family was poor. 6. Yoo Seung Ho thinks Park Bo Gum has it worse than him for being a kind person 7. This drama is Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun second collaboration 8. Infinite’s L made his official acting debut back in 2012 9. This is Infinite’s L first EVER historical role 10. Infinite’s L is yet to have his first EVER leading role. 11. This is the first EVER leading role for Kim So Hyun in a historical drama 12. Kim So Hyun was born in Australia 13. Yoon So Hee was born in Germany. 14. Yoon So Hee started her acting career back in 2013 15. Kim Soo Hyun admitted that Yoo Seung Ho is both shy and awkward. Link: #yooseungho #유승호 #ユスンホ #俞承豪 #kimsohyun #김소현 #kimmyungsoo #김명수 #yoonsohee #윤소희 #shinhyunsoo #신현수 #rulermasterofthemask #군주가면의주인 #mbc수목드라마 #군주

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