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this healer bts show the various side of jichangwook.. not just a playfull one which we can see that everywhere... a playfull wookie.. but here.. only here.. only during healer filming.. we will see a namja side of him.. he said that in one of his interview that he can be playfull and cool or being namja only around the girl he has feelings for 😍😍 and here we can see how they're not awkward each other, they can share emotions, they have great chemistry.. wait.. you already found your ideal woman for you wookie 😍😍 have fun together will you? wherever you both are... we will always support you πŸŒΏπŸŒΉπŸ’šcredit : CatchMine_ID on youtube #jichangwook #parkminyoung #healer #changmincouple

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