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👌 OK! MAGAZINE INTERVIEW. [ENGLISH TRANSLATION] "MOST SHIPPED COUPLE." Boom (Krittapak Udompanich) and Peak (Peemapol Panichtamrong). Between their ages, actually Boom is younger than Peak by 2 years. They said that if there is no MIRTS then they’ll never have a chance to even know each other because Boom is living in Udonthani while Peak lives in Bangkok, but this long distance relationship is maybe the good side in which making them more relying and understanding towards one another. Boom said, “Since the first time I meet Peak, I had an instinct that he will become my partner. I don’t know but that was my feelings and then when I found out that it was him, I was really glad. Now, when he becomes my Shipped Couple, I’m very happy because Peak has been helping me a lot in many things. He helped me with homeworks, helps me with the dialogues and acting. We were practicing so hard because I live far from the others." “Boom as my Shipped Couple is a good thing because we can get along very well. When we played in the series, I can feel the chemistry between us. Boom can be my adviser and we have many things in common.” Nowadays, they are really close and know each other very well. Although they have many things in common, there’s still some differences between the two. Peak accepted the difference in their characters; he is an alert and energetic person, whereas Boom is a calm and quiet person. Revealing each other. Peak, “Boom always spends a very long time in the bathroom that the next person could not use it. He takes a lot of time showering.” Boom, “Peak loves music a lot and he always listens to music everywhere even in the bathroom and before we sleep, he’ll play a medley of music.” We know the fans want to know how are they connecting with each other outside of the series, and Peak seems to know our hearts that he said, “I always call Boom and ask him about his outfits of the day, because I’d love to dress up in outfits that are matching with his outfits.” [CONTINUE IN COMMENT BOX] @peakpeemapol @boomkrittapak • × #boomkrittapak #boompeak #peakpeemapol #makeitrighttheseries #รักออกเดิน #mirintaiwan #ทีมบูมพีค #ทีมธีร์ฟิวส์ #teefuse ×

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