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2AM. That weird moment when you’re tired as hell but unable to sleep... πŸ˜” So you open Photoshop and start making one edit... And then you realize that you made 3 of them πŸ€” and that your edits have never been this good πŸ™€β€οΈ I should definitely photoshop during the night, it looks like these two make me do wonders when I’m tired lol 😝 So here we go with those 3 edits, I hope you’ll like them πŸ™†πŸΌ - Edit 1/3: I must admit that, at first, I opened photoshop to make a K2 poster. So originally, this edit had YoonA instead of Min Young. And well... the Changminer in me resurfaced and before I realized it, I was searching inside my PMY folder for the pic that would fit with Chang Wook’s one. I really like the vibe of this edit, Wookie watching her from behind, Min Young so flawless that she looks like a Hollywood Queen (this pic from Lanchen is really perfection *-*)... πŸ’• - Please CREDIT ME (@fyeahjcw) if you repost it! Thanks! - #JiChangWook @jichangwook #ParkMinYoung @rachel_mypark #λ°•λ―Όμ˜ #Healer #ChangminCouple #Changminers #Edit

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