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< An excerption from the article about Jang Hyuk released on Feb.19, 2020> ⠀ ♦️ I omitted translating the first part of the article because it is about the contents of the previous episodes. ⠀ 『Jang Hyuk proves expectations again... ... When Sooyoung showed a sense of betrayal after her finding out the truth, Oh Hyunjae said, "Everyone hears what they want to and sees only what they've experienced," adding, "it’s you who believed what I was." As he said, Oh Hyunjae never said he can't walk or see. Everybody just believed what they saw and was mistaken. This was possible because of Jang Hyuk’s outstanding performance. Jang Hyuk transforming from a recluse itself to Oh Hyunjae before The Guy, his sudden change of gaze and expression delicately expressed the complex emotions of Oh Hyunjae's wounds, desperation and anger. Viewers had no choice but to immerse themselves in him. These were the times when Jang Hyuk clearly showed the irrefutable fact of "trustworthy." ⠀ Among viewers already said, "Jang Hyuk has renewed his life character again”. The production team also said, "Jang Hyuk proved his expectations as well. Oh Hyunjae's every moment gives me goosebumps," tipping off that "it is the real beginning of “Tell me what you saw". This is because Oh Hyunjae, who had been in the hideout, comes out of the world. He added, "the performances of Oh Hyunjae, who comes out on the scene, and Sooyoung, who will be his partner, will be in full swing. Please look forward to it."』 ⠀ #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク #张赫 #본대로말하라 #tell_me_what_you_saw #見た通りに話せ @ajincome 배우님 최고!!👍👏👏 ⠀ cr.: naver news

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