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<Article that released on Feb.18,2020> ⠀ ☑️Three mysteries that Kim Bada has ⠀ Shin Kyungsoo, “The Guy” finally revealed his identity in front of Oh Hyunjae in the 6th episode of Tell Me What You Saw. But he went into a coma after being shot by the team leader Hwang. There were a lot of questions but he who is barely being kept alive can’t answer. Therefore, we have to look at the remaining mysteries that Oh Hyunjae and viewers need to solve. ⠀ 1. Why obsessed with Jang Hyuk? ⠀ The Guy is known to die in an explosion five years ago. However, someone copied him and turned himself in to the police, calling him "The Guy." So Shin Kyungsoo murdered Kang in the interrogation room of the police station. But this was Oh Hyunjae’s scheme to lure "The Guy," and Shin Kyungsoo noticed it. During a live broadcast, he killed professor Na who had belittled him and Oh Hyunjae, announcing his official revival and visiting Oh Hyunjae. After five years in hiding, why did he reveal in front of Oh Hyunjae? ⠀ 2. Who pinpointed Jang Hyuk's fiance? ⠀ Five years ago, Oh Hyunjae profiled that the pattern "The Guy" chooses victims was to let the victim pick someone to be killed. This allowed him to set up and kill targets without overlapping, such as "a friend who ignored him, a shopkeeper who had a quarrel with him, a mother’s lover who abused him when a child." However, the last target of "The Guy" was Oh Hyunjae's fiancee, Han Yisoo. So, Oh Hyunjae waited the Guy for five years to find out who ordered to kill Han Yisoo and why the last target had to be Han Yisoo. Who pinpointed Han Yisoo? ⠀ Continued to the comment section . #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク #본대로말하라

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