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My laugh for those ones who made issue on my post😇😂😂😇Youngi already posted one picture from art gallery where lady smokes😝😝A hard slap on your faces😗 Reposted from @ mrandmrshealer1 Just a repost from Youngie's IG of a museum art she really likes. A photo of Min Youngie out and about in New York City. #circa2009 #heroldstompingground  #ParkMinYoung #박민영 #朴敏英 #パクミニョン #2016IGpost Coffee and Changwook also the other OTP🤭😘. Ahhh a trip to the museum, that's right Wookie, we stan a cultured man.🤴 Guess what, we know of a certain someone who is a total museum aficionado too🐰👸😉 #jichankwook #changmincouple

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