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🌹2019 Jang Hyuk Birthday and Christmas Dinner Party🎉 ⠀ Part 1 ♦️Jang Hyuk with long curly hair in a tux♦️ ⠀ Before starting the event, we all made a toast but I don’t remember why... ⠀ ⠀ <3 keywords of Jang Hyuk> ⠀ ✔️Three different sized boxes appeared on the stage. ⠀ 1. The keyword in the biggest box : My Country - Who is Yi Bangwon? - Why he took the role of YBW - Relationship with other actors - He was asked why looked so thin. He answered that he lost some weight according to the character he interpreted, not because playing YBW role was difficult. - Drew one lucky fan for a script of My Country Ep.1 ⠀ 2. Showed a video clip Jang Hyuk was making Lemon tea by himself. He made three bottles of lemon tea(sliced lemons and lots of sugar) - During preparing, he talked much and laughed a lot. - To watch the clip, he moved to the stage facing the screens, which was near my table. - Seemed he used too much sugar for amount of sliced lemon so we kinda let out a gasp of surprise while watching it. He kept saying it was 1:1 ratio but the amount of sugar he put looked a way more than 1:1 ratio. Later when he went back to the main stage, he stated he actually had searched what is a 1:1 ratio and he continued to explain. In the case of lemon tea, we need to put sugar until sugar covers all sliced lemons fully. That is 1:1, he remarked. ⠀ ⠀ 3. He got every participant a Christmas message card with his autograph on. It looks like only a few fans get gifts each time so this time he prepared message cards for all of us. “I don’t know how much it will mean to you, but hopefully it will make a gift that allows you to remember this day.” ⠀ <Singing time> He said, “The toughest moment for me has come.” He sang the song he had sung last October at Tokyo event, “The one thing I know.”(내가 아는 한가지) ⠀ End of the 1st part. ⠀ The highlight of My Country was shown during intermission.⠀ #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク

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