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When Almighty makes a match of two souls then bring them in same choice & in same mindful level♥match in two bodies is breakable but match in two souls is unbreakable & souls match is when you naturally comes together same in your habits & in choice🌹 Changmin is the shining example of soul match for each other🌟 Question"The specialty you have that most people don't about? Jichangwook: "I can run well,because i'm always working out so my STAMINA is quite good" Question"If tomorrow is the end of world,what are you going to do? Wookie"i will go with my LOVEONE & people that i care about to eat DELICIOUS FOOD.i really like to eat good food". Question"what you are going to do at the end of project ?" Wookie" After the shooting i want to ride a motorbike to look for delicious food & to enjoy it.i also want to travel with my friends & have a trip with my mom" Now Park minyoung👇 Question:"what do you like to do in your free time? MinYoung"if i do have free time,i would exercise.i need to make sure i have i have to exercise well.if i have time & if off time a few days in a row i would go on Holiday.when i go on holidays i would feel mentally HEALED"(Mostly goes with her mom & with her friend jessica) Question:"How do you cheer yourself up? Minyoung"that will heal when i go on holidays (Travel) & also if i have time i go with leon(dog) (wookie also dog lover & when have shoots for his lighter work he takes his pet to his shooting places) go on a holiday & eat DELICIOUS FOOD."she ended on this note.. HAPPY SUNDAY 💜 #healer5thanniversary #december #snowkiss 🐰❄🐇 #Fiveyearswithyou&countingmore 🌹💫 #AsiaArtistAwards2019 #AAAinVietnam #dawncouple #jichangwook  #changmincouple  #mrandmrshealer#힐러 #parkminyoung#healer  #지창욱 #박민영 #池昌旭 #朴敏英 #チチャンウク  #パクミニョン

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