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Get any couple like them who supported each other & reunited after five years when both are shining more in their work 💚& nothing change in them because when things & love is real then you always see every thing same & more bright even our girl hairstyle bun style is almost same 🌸in this style queen is completing her prince charm ♥ & get any fandom like changmin who supported them selflessly in these all years in their all work & always stays in class when definition comes about any true fan... it's so easy to shipping but staying loyal & supports your actors in their work without engaging yourself in aggression, negativity or mocking their co-leads to just make your ship right only my fandom did & i'm proud to be fan of this fandom.. Almighty never let you down in your wishful prayers when you stays on moral ground♥ Patience with pure heart always get sweet fruit & I'm glad our fandom always have true believe ♥ 2014 To 2019 seeing their journey feels time flew but it was not easy to ride this roller coaster journey with them ..many in our fandom left & many became in-active & many got mocking by their other fandoms even changmin fans never engaged themselves in their shipping..we even never engaged ourselves in youngi & wookie accounts with our shipping points & that's how a sensible shipper acts for their choice ...Also when you are so believeable on your instincts then you never feel insecure or makes false claims about your shipping 💜 I LOVE MY FANDOM✨♥ #healer5thanniversary #december #snowkiss 🐰❄🐇 #Fiveyearswithyou&countingmore 🌹💫 #AsiaArtistAwards2019 #AAAinVietnam #dawncouple #jichangwook  #changmincouple  #mrandmrshealer#힐러 #parkminyoung#healer  #지창욱 #박민영 #池昌旭 #朴敏英 #チチャンウク  #パクミニョン

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