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Just building on the previous video where Wookie described himself as a fun and naughty namja chinggu, we present to you exhibit A: Ahem, a very fun and naughty "boy" friend indeed.🤭🥰😝 . We should look into the past to understand the present. Wookie and MY's outlook in sarang and even life in general may have evolved, but some things just remain the same. Happiness is the priority, comfy communication, telepathy, working like a cow are some of the constants. . . We resubbed, to include what Wookie said towards the end of the clip. . Notice how MY has been giving him non stop pointers on how to handle her hair? Wookie the stubborn, of course teasingly defied her by saying "I like it this way..." MY being MY, didn't stop and continued talking and explaining how to do it (Told ya she is Chae Young Shin in real life)😁. . In the end, Wookie wanted MY to stop her incessant tutorials, jokingly looked at her with a stern face, and said an expression in Hangul similar to "Enough is enough!" MY then yanked his arm and gave him the death stare😾. Then they went ahead and played doctor/patient BTS. . - #regrann . #jichangwook #parkminyoung #AAAasiacelebrityawardees #changmincouple #AsiaArtistAwards2019 #AAAinVietnam #dawncouple #jichangwook  #mrandmrshealer#힐러 #healer #지창욱 #박민영 #池昌旭 #朴敏英 #チチャンウク  #パクミニョン

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