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We had to repost the video coz the orig BGM causes some copyright issues with IG. And of course our song of choice is...😁 . To the owner of the video, please send us a DM if you are not Ok with us editing the sound. We super love what you put in originally but IG won't let us post it.😣 . Anyhow, here is our queen showing her golden heart to her senior by retouching her makeup, how much more awesome can our Youngie get? However don't forget to savor our OTP's sweet interaction featuring their handy phones.😄 And is she telling him to sit up straight? Straighten the lapel.of his coat? . Feel free to pitch in your guesses on what they were giggling about in the.comments below: . #jichangwook #parkminyoung #AAAasiacelebrityawardees #changmincouple #AsiaArtistAwards2019 #AAAinVietnam #dawncouple #jichangwook  #mrandmrshealer#힐러 #healer #지창욱 #박민영 #池昌旭 #朴敏英 #チチャンウク  #パクミニョン Big thank you to: @h20t_jcw (@get_regrann) - Nearly 2 weeks after AAA, I still have a “breathtaking feeling" while watching these videos again🥰 This is the 1st time I can see you so close

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