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Reposted from @changminscookies (@get_regrann) - His past written statement in his an old interview & his present life interview about his mum & towards MY his actions in one video you can get👆💛 The person who always keeping his mum's struggle in his mind in his good time also & always so thoughtful when talks about his mother then how can be a random person when comes about his love life 😆 MY had in her other shows heavy scenes even in comedy shows but no one(Her lead actors) were there for her in offcam moments to make her in her normal mood & same he also had this kind of heavy scenes with other co-leads but he never went around his other co leads & picked them in this way like he's keeping around MY his warm shadow & how she becomes so peaceful around her...he's so concerned about her & putting all his warmness in his action towards babies are more than what you think about them.He's very warm person around his relations & it's just he is too shy that he can't express himself in words so many takes him in casual attitude but the reality is he can't be fake in words because he is so real & natural in his action towards his relation♥He loves to spend his time & talks non stop with whom he it's his mother or his close friends or MY like you already seen recently in Vietnam AAA award show.Non-stop chatting in his natural way is his gift to his loveones because out of this circle he stays in his skin.. & I repeat again you can't get changmin until you go in their skin & the skin is where they are not celebrities but like a normal human being like us & how both put their love life practically like a ordinary couple's love story♥ Reposted from @fleurdelys101 - More than the skinship, more than the playful banter and games during Healer BTS, this protective gesture made by Wookie towards MY touched my heart the most. I've finally found the reason through this video of him with his mama, such a genuine and caring heart you have there Wookie. Never ever change. 🙇👏 Video credit: Thai fans - #regrann #healer5thanniversary #december #snowkiss 🐰❄🐇 #Fiveyearswithyou&countingmore 🌹💫 #AsiaArtistAward #changmincouple #parkminyoung#healer #지창욱

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