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4.12.2014 🐰❤🐇Reposted from @mrandmrshealer1 (@get_regrann) - <<Healer Press Conference>> . Ahem. Mutual Admiration Society ala Wookie and Youngie. You know its not just lip service based on their micro expressions. Tip for newer fans: watch out for JCW's "lip press" when he speaks. This is how he highlights important points, he did it in this video while he was saying "She is very pretty." Pressed his lips together, looked at her straight in the eye, told her she's lovely, faced audience and did the "Wookie nod." (Omo we have been watching way too many JCW IVs!😬😶) . Sincerity is something that cannot be faked and it really shines through in this clip. No wonder that after Healer, PMY gave this IV for BNT: . Q:The radiance that Jung Hoo and Young Shin exhibit melted the hearts of the audience and enabled a more rich and natural flow to the story. . “We were able to work together really nicely. I think what’s most important is how much sincerity the other person shows toward his character, how to express and how to support. There’s no standard for personality or popularity, I didn’t even know that Jung Hoo’s that famous DongHae (from “Smile, DongHae”) (laughs). But we have chemistry in our acting, and also in sincerity. I’m always expressing my thanks to him for such a cool/handsome partner.” . Translated by @raineevanstar Thank you kindly. - #regrann

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