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warning : translation is a mess but bearable, some slangs are unrecognizable to my newbie skill - i borrowed some translation from Hyunbin Son Yejin fanspage on facebook ( - Reposted from @tvndrama.official (@get_regrann) - 세상 사람들~~!! 젭알 우리 리정혁X윤세리 귀여운 거 모르는 사람 없게 해주세요!!! ⠀ 참고로 회사란 것은, <사랑의 불시착> 티벤터뷰 상영소 일뿐. 지금 바로 영상으로 확인하기👉상단 프로필 링크 클릭! trans : World people ~~ !! Let's make sure weknow who we are. ⠀ By the way, this is <Crash Landing of Love> TVNterview Screening Room. Watch the video now 👉Click on the top profile link! - - #사랑의불시착 #손예진 #현빈 #CrashLandingonYou #HyunBin #SonYeJin

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