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Rough translate. Preview for tomorrow episode. Baek Kyung: at the end it's really good, because everything back at their place. JMC: there are just some page left. Haru: if the story ended like this, what will happen to us? Dan Oh: Haru-ya at the end of the page, i want to be with you. Haru: Hello, we are in the same class, are you remember? Let's change our fate together. Next time, pease remember me. Dan Oh: when that "someone" near me, it's always hurt. Baek Kyung: you can run away, if you can remember now. Dan Oh: my heart being like this because i'm happy with this (situation). Baek Kyung: you are just fake one, even when you just fake i'm still (want to be with you). I'm really monster. My stage with Eun Dan Oh will start soon, instead of me, you go there. Dan Oh: Baek Kyung-ah, "secret" Dan Oh, really grateful to you. #extraordinaryyoubts #extraordinaryyoufilming #julyfoundbychance #extraordinaryyou #extraordinaryyouspoiler #kimhyeyoon #rowoon #leejaewook

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