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【Kookie News 20191113πŸ“°<5 bros>】 In episode 3 of <5 bros> to be aired on 11/14 23:00 (KST). The topic of the ranking is "The wish I desire most". The five options were "win 10 billion lottery", "be 20 years younger", "change looks", "lifetime health" and "meet a lifetime partner". Kim Jong Kook joked that "winning 10 billion lottery tickets" was meaningless for Seo Jang-hoon. Regarding "change looks", Park Jun Hyung sighed:"When I was a child living in the United States, I wanted to be white because of too much racial discrimination." Guest MC Hwang Chi Yeul wished to be 20 years younger and become an idol. Referring to "meet a lifetime partner", Kim Jong Kook said surprisingly : "earlier this year, I had tried hard to find my lifetime partner ." Arouse curiosity about his love life. #κΉ€μ’…κ΅­ #ι‡‘ιΎεœ‹ #ι‡‘ι’Ÿε›½ #kjk76 #kimjongkook #μ„œμž₯ν›ˆ #μ΄μ§„ν˜ #ν™©μΉ˜μ—΄ #κ΄΄νŒν•œ5ν˜•μ œ #5Bros

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