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[Big Girl Hayu & Shedding tears Auntie Hyun-joo] . During Auntie Hyun-joo’s opening for her botanical art exhibition, was really excited to meet her. However, on the previous day, she invited Hayu to perform. *faints* I’m the only who collapsed keke. Initially I thought Hayu would be really shy but I was wrong. She was very brave and I was taken aback by her courage kekeke. . Auntie Hyun-joo captured Hayu’s entire performance while shedding tears. HAHA when your child performs in front of you, the ones who shed tears are always us parents. This was Hayu’s first time performing in front of Auntie Hyun-joo. Even though she was really nervous, but she was happy. Yes were really cool! This beautiful fate is a miracle! . credit: @lovely_hayu • #김현주 #김하유 #보타니컬아트 #2019 #kimhyunjoo #kimhayu #botanicalart

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